Counselling room for children at risk

Ing. Jana Sabová

Foundation Administrator, AXIS Foundation

The birth of a child is for most of us the happiest event in family life. However, the situation is completely different if everything is not right with the baby. Although the situation can quickly become complicated during childbirth, no one wants to admit that they may have a baby with a medical handicap. Already during pregnancy, some parents have to face an unexpected situation when the doctor tells them the baby’s diagnosis. However, these parents already know what to expect at the time of delivery and are thus, at least in theory, prepared for the new situation.

It is different when a healthy baby is born. Some of these babies fall into the group of children at risk on the basis of a paediatrician’s recommendation; many of them get there over time because the parents themselves do not like something about their baby’s development. With at-risk babies, there is no need to wait to see if the child catches up to his or her peers, nor is there any need to leave anything to chance.

Amálka’s parents also experienced a difficult situation. After the birth of the little princess, a surprise awaited them – a diagnosis of obstructive 3-chamber hydrocephalus. A round of examinations began, an operation to put a shunt in place, and since the parents did not want to wait, they started looking. To make matters worse, Amalia was diagnosed with left-sided hemiparesis. While searching for information, the parents and little Amalia stumbled upon our center and came under the care of the experts at AXIS Medical.

And they did well, because Amálka has already done more than enough. What has she achieved in that time? She uses her left hand better, has a better and stronger grip and hold of objects in her left hand, also speaks better, her vocabulary has expanded and she uses complete sentences. Visual control for the left side has improved and also independent walking. All thanks to her parents who did not hesitate, did not wait and took action.

walking. All thanks to her parents who did not hesitate, did not wait and took action. Do you have a several-month-old baby, you do not like his development and the doctor keeps saying that it will catch up, you need to wait? Then follow in the footsteps of Amálka’s parents and don’t waste your precious time by signing up for our project Counselling Room for Children at Risk.

Our project is a form of residential early intervention. It is an approach or a way of dealing with the consequences of disability based on teamwork of specialists – physiotherapist, neurologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist and other specialists. The AXIS Foundation in cooperation with Malíček OZ, the AXIS Medical Rehabilitation Centre and the Ján Korc Foundation regularly organises the project Counselling Rooms for Children at Risk.

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