We want to provide our clients with ever higher quality and more comprehensive services, so we build long-term partnerships with the best in our field. We assist clients in securing appropriate medical and speech therapy equipment, but most importantly, we help them deal with the financial burden that long-term treatment and care entails. Therefore, we strive to create conditions to make it easier for families to finance costly therapies and reimburse medical procedures with domestic and foreign insurance companies in the form of reimbursement. We join with various foundations, civil associations and support joint projects so that, on the basis of fair and transparent relationships, we can make high-intensity rehabilitation available to families for their loved ones.
We are open to new opportunities for collaboration that will lead to improved services for our clients and the creation of a broad information network for families. We care about the professional growth of our staff by providing training and creating conditions for their professional growth. Thanks to our international cooperation partners, we disseminate our know-how through our projects abroad to all those who need our services. Foreign projects conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of a given country provide us with the official status of an international rehabilitation centre and training medical facility.
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Department of support and development of medical services
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Zdravotnícka fakulta Univerzity Cyrila a Metoda
Zdravotnícka univerzita, Ľvov, Ukraina
Štátna pedagogická Univerzita Drobovych, Ukraina
Fyzioterapeutické centrum Misurata, Líbya
Cesta pomoci – Way to help
Kido centrum
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Misia – aby bol svet lepší
OZ Downov syndróm
Associazione UNICI
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